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[3 Dec 2015 | Topics: ]

An appeal  to the Paris Climate Summit in from the Northeast Asia’s leading environmental groups and research institutions
Many government and industry players market large hydropower, as a "solution for climate change", while in reality it often exacerbates climate change, impacts on resilience of aquatic ecosystems and diminishes the adaptation capacity of local communities. Lake Baikal, threatened both by extreme drought and hydropower impacts is a vivid example of such mismanagement and poor decision-making.

In June 2015 the IUCN reported to the World Heritage Committee (WHC) in Bonn that 35 out …

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[30 Jul 2015 | Topics: ]

World Bank Agreed That Arguments Against Dams In Selenge Basin Are Valid. -World Heritage Committee Requested Environmental Assessments – Will Mongolia listen?

Baikal and Hydropower
Lying in the heart of Siberia Lake Baikal fed by Selenge River is the oldest freshwater depository on Earth containing 20% of drinkable water of the planet. It is also most unique depository of freshwater biodiversity. Boreal lake contains 2500 species of organisms known to date, with new creatures discovered annually, diversity unknown in most tropical lakes. Largely isolated during last 20 million years of …

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[13 Jul 2015 | Topics: ]

This session of the World Heritage Committee (WHC) was crucial for the Lake Baikal: WHC had to decide whether to allow it to become a technocratic reservoir system managed primarily for hydropower in the interest of industry or it should be managed as a World Heritage site for the benefit of the humankind and local people. The Lake is threatened by unnatural regulation of water level by existing Irkutsk Hydro in Russia and by planned hydropower cascade on its main tributary Selenge River in Mongolia.
Civil Society Groups at the conference …

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Anson Mackay, Professor of Environmental Change at UCL (UK), conducts research on detecting pollution in Lake Baikal and the Selenga River. His short article “Lake Baikal: incredible ecosystem threatened by Mongolian dam and pipeline” shows how new dam initiatives of Mongolia may drastically exacerbate already existing problems of unique Lake Baikal.

The Baikal seal is found nowhere else on Earth. Sergey Gabdurakhmanov, CC BY
Mongolia is hoping a massive dam on its largest river could provide much needed power and water for the country’s booming mining industry. However environmental groups are concerned …

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[28 Feb 2015 | Topics: ]

Ulaanbaatar – Today Rivers without Boundaries Mongolia addressed domestic and international media with the following message.
In mid-February, community representatives from Russia and Mongolia – along with several of environmental and human rights NGOs – submitted a request for an investigation to the World Bank’s independent accountability arm, the Inspection Panel. The complainants center on the Mongolian Mining Infrastructure Investment Support Project (MINIS). Specifically, they raise concerns regarding the Shuren Hydropower Plant and the Orkhon-Gobi Water Diversion. For example, the WB completely disregards its own operational policy OP 4.04 – …