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The Rivers without Boundaries Coalition issued the following list of urgent concerns on the way the MINIS Project is being carried out by the World Bank and Mongolian Government.
For example, written comments submitted by the RwB-Mongolia -after consultations in Bulgan Province in April 2016 were not considered when reviewing terms of reference (ToR) for environmental assessments and omitted in the response matrices. The letter also lists several other examples of inappropriate handling of public consultations and information disclosure by the MINIS Project staff. Also see Letter to Dr.Kim .

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[28 Jul 2016 | Topics: ]

The World Bank Group suspended the Inga-3 Hydro Project, but, likely, there are many more projects in the WB pipeline that merit similar measures say civil society experts.

The World Bank Group on July 24 has suspended disbursements of funding to the Inga-3 Hydropower Development Technical Assistance (TA). According to the WB this follows the Government of DRC’s decision to take the project in a different strategic direction to that agreed between the World Bank and the Government in 2014. This embarrassing decision should serve as a wake-up call for …

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[20 Jul 2016 | Topics: ]


The 40th session of the WHC held  in Istanbul ended prematurely due to unsuccessful coup in Turkey. Nevertheless it adopted a powerful Decision on safeguarding the Lake Baikal  World Heritage Site against negative impacts both in Russia and in Mongolia. Despite attempts of Mongolian delegation, that included the Director of the World Bank MINIS Project  Mr.. Enkhbaatar and 9 more officials, to  soften the language of the decision, the committee adopted it as drafted  and posted on web-site by the World Heritage Center. Since nothing has been done by …

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Good news came from activists living at the confluence of Selenge and Egiin Gol rivers in Mongolia – as of June 25th “preparatory works” by Gezhouba Int. Co. for  Egiin Gol Hydro dam  construction still have not resumed. The RwB hopes this is a healthy sign that  responsible  agencies in China are seriously assessing risks and consequences of  large dam building in the Baikal Basin. Recent appeal by President Putin to his Mongolian and Chinese colleagues may even make them consider  alternatives to costly hydropower  construction in water-deficient Mongolia. By …

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[21 May 2016 | Topics: ]

Dear President Ts.Elbegdorj,

Dear Bonn Convention Secretary Dr.Chambers:
On the World Fish Migration Day[1] the Rivers without Boundaries Coalition is appealing to you on behalf of the Baikal Sturgeon – Acipenser baerii baicalensis – critically endangered creature inhabiting only Baikal-Selenge Basin in Mongolia and Russia. This species is listed in Mongolia Red Data Book, Annex 2 of the Convention on Migratory Species and other international documents. Survival of the Sturgeon as well as of other majestic fish of Baikal-Selenge Basin – such as giant trout – Hucho taimen (Tul) or Baikal Omul …

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[27 Apr 2016 | Topics: ]

Despite overwhelming evidence, that large dams are no solution to energy and climate and damage severely our environment, the WB top official stubbornly support suicidal course his institution is taking. He bluntly ignores the fact that by supporting large dams everywhere from Mongolia to Africa his institution is destroying most precious and scarce freshwater ecosystems that serve millions of people. Last evidence of this shortsighted position came from New York:

On April 6, World Bank President Jim Kim addressed the Union Theological Seminary in New York on “The Principle of …