Rivers without Boundaries

Dauria rivers

goroshko_argunriver (1)

Brief introduction to Dauria steppe and wetlands

Hailaer-Dalai Water Transfer Project, Associated Reservoirs

and Their Potential Impacts


Adaptation to climate change in the river basins of Dauria: ecology and water management. Beijing: PEOPLE’S DAILY PRESS. 2013

the book is also available in Russian and Chinese


Transboundary river management in Dauria Steppe and adaptation to climate changereport at GTI workshop on April 21st

Risks of Kherlen and Orkhon Water Transfers reported at UNECE

Kherlen River discussed at the Second meeting of the Amur-Okhotsk Consortium

Design of environmental flow requirements for Argun River Basin. UNECE workshop April 2011

“Dauria Going Dry” – pilot project under UNECE  Convention on Transboundary Waters

Herlen-Gobi river transfer promises to solve all environmental problems



Mongolia National Water Programme – Action Plan 2010-2015

Statistics on Water Infrastructure Projects in the Argun River Basin

Letter to Putin on behalf of Japanese Cranes


Programme of co-operation between the Russian Far East, West Siberia and the Northeast China

Argun River Basin Under Imminent Threat from Water Infrastructure Project, in Need of Transboundary Climate Adaptation Program

Argun Wetlands: Safe Refuge for the Red-crowned Crane

World Bank : Key Messages on Southern Mongolia Development

Conservation and climate cycles


Reinventing a “Clicycle” in Dauria

Assessment of Environmental Changes in Argun River Basin Wetlands due to Water Infrastructure Development

Socio-economic Issues and Environmental Impacts in the Transboundary Argun/Erguna Midflow Wetlands

The Chinese-Russian Argun River is a threatened globally important site of cranes, geese, swans and other birds

Justification for Expansion of the Dauria International Protected Area (DIPA)


Information on water diversion projects by Mongolian National Water Programme Support Center

Wetlands of the Erguna/Argun River Basin – to Be or Not to Be?

The Siberian Crane Memorandum of Understanding under the Convention on Migratory Species

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