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[9 Apr 2013 | Topics: ]

The Russian Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology in March 2013 issued an official letter to the World Bank expressing grave concerns regarding the fact that  the World Bank is supporting development of feasibility studies for  Shuren hydropower dam and Orkhon-Gobi water transfer project within a framework of MINIS project ( WB loan to Mongolian government to support mining infrastructure-see www.minis.mn) and here we briefly summarize the contents of this letter.
Development of dams and reservoirs on the principal watercourses of the Selenga River basin puts at risk the unique …

Baikal Lake, Selenga River »

[7 Apr 2013 | Topics: ]

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology of Russian Federation on April 2, 2013 informed Buriat NGOs that it is undertaking all necessary measures to clarify the plans of Mongolia Government and the World Bank regarding construction of Shuren Hydro on transboundary Selenga River, that is the main source of the lake Baikal. The Ministry responded to letters sent my NGOs in late 2012 and asking the Government to undertake measures to protect unique biodiversity. According to – The Director of International Cooperation Department the Ministry of Environment and Russian …

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[2 Apr 2013 | Topics: ]

St Petersburg-based journalist Jenny Johnson the second time addresses Sino-Russian energy cooperation and dam-building efforts of EN+ company.  The Rivers without Boundaries Coalition started the campaign  on  Sino-Russian hydropower in 2011 warning  HK Exchange  on risks associated with Eursibenergo IPO and ever since continued to educate investors and the public on ways to protect our rivers from destruction. The article published by influential bilingual web-site The China Dialogue focuses on recent  RwB petition to China Exim Bank triggered by the banks intention to support EN+ Group’s hydropower projects.

Russian companies want to …