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[22 Sep 2021 | Topics: ]

International Hydropower
Association Reveals “Good Practice” Guide for (Damming) Protected Areas

It looks like the hydropower
industry is getting on nerves of the big international NGOs (BINGOs) who have “cooperated”
with the IHA for a decade in common search for “sustainable hydropower”.
And there was a good reason for that at a webinar held on September 21 by the
industry association to present its historic commitments.

The new “historic commitment”
taken on by the industry promises to spare from dam-building only World
Heritage but continue to dam protected areas and remaining free-flowing rivers
(in a sustainable manner). Commitment born after …

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[21 Sep 2021 | Topics: ]

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21, 2021


Sharma, the 2021 President of the UNFCCC Conference of the Parties

to the UNFCCC Conference of the Parties (COP-26)

A Declaration: Climate mitigation efforts
must reject so-called “sustainable hydropower” as a solution to combat climate

behalf of 300 organizations from 69 countries, representing civil
society, peoples movements, Indigenous Peoples organizations, scientists,
conservationists, we call upon Alok Sharma, the 2021 President of the UNFCCC
Conference of the Parties (COP-26), and all parties to COP-26, to reject
attempts by the hydropower industry to secure scarce climate funds to finance a
new …

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[21 Sep 2021 | Topics: ]

Over 290 organizations from 69 countries call on governments to not use climate funding for so-called “sustainable” hydropower schemes

September 21, 2021

Scotland—Over 290 organizations from 69 countries
today launched a Rivers for Climate Global Declaration
calling on governments and leaders attending COP26 to protect river ecosystems
and stop using scarce climate funds to finance false climate solutions such as
hydropower. Representing the views of civil society, peoples movements,
Indigenous Peoples’ organizations, scientists, and conservationists, the
declaration called out the proliferation schemes being peddled under an
erroneous pretense of sustainability. 

“Hydropower is not clean energy. We’re at an
unprecedented moment …

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[19 Sep 2021 | Topics: ]

A Cannibal Tasked with Writing “Responsible Eating Guidelines” Faces Natural Difficulties…

It has been almost two weeks since the International Hydropower Association (IHA) announced its “historic commitment” not to build dams inside the World Heritage areas. It became about the last in the long line of industries who have been convinced by the World Heritage Center to declare such a commitment. In the explanatory FAQ document the IHA even says that when creating dams in the same basins but outside World Heritage “the focus should be on avoiding and …

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[24 Jul 2021 | Topics: ]

Irkutsk Hydro inside the City of Irkutsk, powerplant owned by the En+Group, nowadays being used to convert Lake Baikal into flood-control reservoir to safeguard from flooding illegally built facilities in the Angara River floodplain

On July 23 the 44th Session of the World Heritage Committee, held at Fuzhou in China, unanimously approved (without discussion) a new Decision on the Lake Baikal – the most troubled property of the Russian Federation. As an observer at the Session, Eugene Simonov, Coordinator of the Rivers without Boundaries …

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Georgian woman at the “Iron Wall” dividing the Rioni River valley

On June 5th, the day of Environmental Protection the Rivers without Boundaries International Coalition congratulates all people protecting their rivers around the world. If we are allowed to choose a place and movement today that symbolizes this noble task, we want to highlight a marathon fight of the people of Georgia against the destructive and irresponsible hydropower construction projects pursued by consecutive corrupt governments. Georgian government failed to build Khudoni Hydro, Nenskra Hydro and several other megaprojects due to popular …