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[18 Dec 2015 | Topics: ]

It finally happened…. One more battle for Nature has been won by our joint efforts!
The Governor of Zabaikalsky Province signed the decree to establish Verkhneamursky (Upper Amur) Wildlife Refuge in Mogochinsky district of Zabaikalsky Province on the area of 239,639 hectares. It took several years to prepare feasibility assessment and to get approval for its establishment.

Shilka River -now protected!
“The wildlife refuge should serve as one of the compensatory measures to reduce the negative environmental impact of economic activity on the territory of Mogochinsky district, allowing to save the biodiversity …

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[18 Dec 2015 | Topics: ]

Sergei Nikiforov, an Evenki indigenous people’s leader and environmental rights defender has been imprisoned for opposing a gold mining project in the Amur region, in Russia’s Far East, after an unfair trial. He is a prisoner of conscience.

Sergei Nikiforov is an environmental rights defender and an Evenki indigenous leader in Ivanovka village in the Amur region  in Selemzha River basin. On 29 September 2015 he was sentenced to five years in a prison camp and a fine of 16 million roubles (?152,000) for bribery …

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[16 Dec 2015 | Topics: ]

EBRD-China tandem may exacerbate hydropower crisis in Europe?
A wave of hydropower development fueled by European public funding and EU companies may be further exacerbated by China’s membership in EBRD.
A new study, that Bankwatch  deals with European public funding and EU companies, which are fuelling a wave of hydropower development and endangering pristine river environments in the Balkans: Pristine Balkan rivers threatened by European "green energy" funding for hydropower.
EBRD is at the leading edge of destruction :
More news came on December 14, when Board of Governors of the European …

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[4 Dec 2015 | Topics: ]

“Pure Growth Vitamins” from BRICS Magazine

Huge cross-border projects that will be financed by new development institutes threaten to create dangerous differences in environmental standards ‘race to the bottom’. However, the problem can still be solved.
Three separatet disasters in the Russian Far East in 2005, 2007, and 2010 that caused the release of extremely hazardous chemical substances from the Chinese side of the border into the Sungari river (one of the Amur’s tributaries) were one of the first wake-up calls showing that extensive economic growth and large-scale industrial cross-border infrastructure projects …

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[3 Dec 2015 | Topics: ]

An appeal  to the Paris Climate Summit in from the Northeast Asia’s leading environmental groups and research institutions
Many government and industry players market large hydropower, as a "solution for climate change", while in reality it often exacerbates climate change, impacts on resilience of aquatic ecosystems and diminishes the adaptation capacity of local communities. Lake Baikal, threatened both by extreme drought and hydropower impacts is a vivid example of such mismanagement and poor decision-making.

In June 2015 the IUCN reported to the World Heritage Committee (WHC) in Bonn that 35 out …