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[30 Nov 2012 | Topics: ]

The China Dialogue web-site presented a warning against unleashed development of hydropower dams in Russia fueled by Chinese investment and thirst for energy. It is especially important evidence in the light of renewed desire of Russian President Putin to push for establishment of “Corporation for Development of the Russian Far East”, which has already evoked widespread criticism from all sectors of Russian society except those benefiting from corruption. The owner of EN+ Oleg Deripaska is both proponent of building new hydropower on Chinese money and establish this Corporation …

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[30 Nov 2012 | ]

The First Announcement
The 8th International Conference
“the Rivers of Siberia and the Far East”

The Eighth International Conference “The Rivers of Siberia and the Far East” will be held on June 06–07, 2013 in Irkutsk, Russia near Lake Baikal.
The Conference is dedicated to river conservation issues in Siberia and the Russian Far East as well as other regions, sharing domestic and international experience.
We invite you and your colleagues to participate in this conference.
Please notify us of your participation via e-mail before March 31, 2013.
Please complete and send the attached application form to …

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[18 Nov 2012 | ]

Popular bilingual China Dialogue web-site published an article written by Shu Ni about Rivers without Boundaries Coalition efforts to limit placer gold mining. We hope that abolition of placer gold mining in Northeast China will serve as compelling example for its neighbors.

Clampdown on gold dredging in China sees switch to Mongolia and Russia
Shu Ni
The Heilongjiang basin, in north-east China, was attracting gold prospectors as early as the late Qing dynasty, which collapsed in 1912. Panning for gold is damaging for rivers and wetlands, but at the time …

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[5 Nov 2012 | Topics: ]

On October 31, 2012 the Greenpeace East Asia and partners held a workshop in Beijing to discuss impacts of coal industry on rivers and environmental security in arid regions of China as a follow-up to “Thirsty Coal” report published in August 2012.
Aliona Zenkova of Rivers without Boundaries Coalition (RwB) reported findings of “Dauria Going Dry” Pilot Project initiated in cooperation with Dauria International Protected Area (DIPA) and WWF-Russia under auspices of the UNECE Convention on Transboundary Waters and the Ramsar Convention. The key question that the Project considers …

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[5 Nov 2012 | Topics: ]

Selenge River at Shuren site. Photo by RwB
Soon after RwB envoys handed over the appeal from the Sosnovka Coalition on Shuren Hydro in Mongolia to one of the World Bank vice-presidents, we got a very polite but not extremely
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