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[12 Apr 2016 | Topics: ]

New bank plans to fund hydropower  without  public discussion on social and environmental protections
As government ministers from Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa gather in Washington, DC for the third board of governors meeting of the BRICS New Development Bank (NDB) April 13 and 14, civil society groups in BRICS countries appealed to their governments and NDB management to operate transparently and to work with civil society to develop adequate social and environmental standards.
In an April 4th letter to Bank officials, the groups stressed concern that the Bank is …

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[27 Mar 2016 | Topics: ]

To: Dr.Chen Jining, Minister of Environmental Protection of China;
CC: Mr. Gao Hucheng, China Ministry of Commerce;
Mr. Liu Liange CEO, China EXIM Bank;
Mr.Chen Xiaohua, CEO, Gezhouba International Co.
Dear Dr. Chen:
We are addressing You as participants of public hearings on ESIA for "Shuren HPP" Project taking into account other hydropower projects planned in Selenge the River Basin. The hearings were undertaken on the initiative of local citizens in Kabansk administrative districts of Buryatia Republic (Russian Federation) where planned hydropower projects may have negative impact on environment and socio-economic …

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"The sun and the wind have to save Baikal," say 55,000 citizens of various countries that have signed an appeal to the President of Russia, Mongolia, China and the World Bank.
This is among the largest online international environment issue petitions Russia has seen and aims to save Lake Baikal from Mongolian hydro plant development around the lake’s main tributaries, for which Mongolia has solicited funds from the World Bank and China. The plan seriously threatens the World Heritage Site’s water volume and biodiversity.
A petition on Avaaz.org, a …

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[29 Mar 2014 | Topics: ]

More than 100 people left Yangon (RANGOON)  on March 23 to walk 1200 kilometers all the way to Myitsone in Kachin State, launching a national campaign to shut down the Myitsone dam project completey. Since export-oriented hydropower built by Chinese companies prevails in Burma, this is an example which Russian has to society watch carefully.

The Myitsone dam project lies unfinished in Kachin state, northern Burma, caught in a tug of war between the Burmese government and a powerful Chinese corporation. Although President Thein Sein has officially suspended …

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The International Rivers’ China Program and expert from Rivers without Boundaries Coalition (RwB) on March 20, 2014 met with China Three Gorges Corporation (CTGC) and discussed interaction with NGOs, standards for overseas investment and possible involvement of the CTGC in the Amur river basin.
All relevant departments of CTGC were represented in the meeting in Three Gorges Group Beijing office: Mr. Lin Chuxue – Mr.Lin Chuxue –Executive Vice president, Mr. Yang Hongbin, Deputy Director of Sci-technology & Environmental Protection, Mr.Qin Guobin -President of CYPI Co.(HK)-subsidiary company dealing with Amur, Mr. Yang …