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[13 Jul 2015 | Topics: ]

This session of the World Heritage Committee (WHC) was crucial for the Lake Baikal: WHC had to decide whether to allow it to become a technocratic reservoir system managed primarily for hydropower in the interest of industry or it should be managed as a World Heritage site for the benefit of the humankind and local people. The Lake is threatened by unnatural regulation of water level by existing Irkutsk Hydro in Russia and by planned hydropower cascade on its main tributary Selenge River in Mongolia.
Civil Society Groups at the conference …

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[12 May 2015 | Topics: ]

The oldest professional conservation group in Russia  the BIODIVERSITY CONSERVATION CENTER released today  a  letter to the World Bank and other entities working on feasibility study  for the Shuren Hydropower Plant Project on Selenge River. In the letter this most experienced NGO shows that plenty of more efficient alternative are available to Mongolia,  WB and other investors and the Shuren  project itself is based on erroneous calculations.

Charitable Fund
Biodiversity Conservation Center is deeply concerned with attempts of Mongolian authorities to develop Shuren Hydropower Plant Project, which poses threat …

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[21 Feb 2015 | Topics: ]

Yesterday the level of the largest lake on Earth was lowered below the 456,00 meters according to Pacific measurement system. This happens the first time in 21 century and indicates  serious threats to the Lakes’ ecosystem from hydropower sector. The sacred lake became a water reservoir in 1960, when Irkutskaya Hydro was built and since then it experienced unnatural fluctuation of water level with profound negative impacts on ecosystem and local communities of the Lake Baikal World Heritage Site. In 2001 to limit freedom of hydropower dam owners in use …

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The International Rivers’ China Program and expert from Rivers without Boundaries Coalition (RwB) on March 20, 2014 met with China Three Gorges Corporation (CTGC) and discussed interaction with NGOs, standards for overseas investment and possible involvement of the CTGC in the Amur river basin.
All relevant departments of CTGC were represented in the meeting in Three Gorges Group Beijing office: Mr. Lin Chuxue – Mr.Lin Chuxue –Executive Vice president, Mr. Yang Hongbin, Deputy Director of Sci-technology & Environmental Protection, Mr.Qin Guobin -President of CYPI Co.(HK)-subsidiary company dealing with Amur, Mr. Yang …

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[2 Apr 2013 | Topics: ]

St Petersburg-based journalist Jenny Johnson the second time addresses Sino-Russian energy cooperation and dam-building efforts of EN+ company.  The Rivers without Boundaries Coalition started the campaign  on  Sino-Russian hydropower in 2011 warning  HK Exchange  on risks associated with Eursibenergo IPO and ever since continued to educate investors and the public on ways to protect our rivers from destruction. The article published by influential bilingual web-site The China Dialogue focuses on recent  RwB petition to China Exim Bank triggered by the banks intention to support EN+ Group’s hydropower projects.

Russian companies want to …