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[12 May 2015 | Topics: ]

The oldest professional conservation group in Russia  the BIODIVERSITY CONSERVATION CENTER released today  a  letter to the World Bank and other entities working on feasibility study  for the Shuren Hydropower Plant Project on Selenge River. In the letter this most experienced NGO shows that plenty of more efficient alternative are available to Mongolia,  WB and other investors and the Shuren  project itself is based on erroneous calculations.

Charitable Fund
Biodiversity Conservation Center is deeply concerned with attempts of Mongolian authorities to develop Shuren Hydropower Plant Project, which poses threat …

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[9 May 2015 | Topics: ]

Irkutsk “Nerpanarium” (Baikal Seal Aquarium) offers a patriotic seal show. Trained Baikal Lake seals wear military berets, hold guns, flags while “marching” and performing mine clearance.
“The patriotic military show is open for admission year round. Among visitors we have had veterans and those who were involved in local conflicts. People were inspired and joyful after the show,” director Evgeny Baranov says. First show was performed on May7 to commemorate Victory Day.
Given his sentimental attachment to charismatic mammals the President of Russia would, probably, love to attend such a parade…

Source: Vesti …

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[9 May 2015 | ]

This was allegedly promised by President of the Russian Federation during Media Forum United National Front in St. Petersburg reports Buriatia Business Portal .
On April 25-28, St. Petersburg hosted the second Media Forum of the All-Russian People’s Front. At the forum held a plenary session with Vladimir Putin, during which the journalists asked the head of state a number of issues.At the end of the plenary session, during communication with the president, editor in chief of Buriatia Republic news agency UlanMedia Tatiana Bazhenova drew attention to the situation with …

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"The sun and the wind have to save Baikal," say 55,000 citizens of various countries that have signed an appeal to the President of Russia, Mongolia, China and the World Bank.
This is among the largest online international environment issue petitions Russia has seen and aims to save Lake Baikal from Mongolian hydro plant development around the lake’s main tributaries, for which Mongolia has solicited funds from the World Bank and China. The plan seriously threatens the World Heritage Site’s water volume and biodiversity.
A petition on Avaaz.org, a …