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[29 Mar 2014 | Topics: ]

More than 100 people left Yangon (RANGOON)  on March 23 to walk 1200 kilometers all the way to Myitsone in Kachin State, launching a national campaign to shut down the Myitsone dam project completey. Since export-oriented hydropower built by Chinese companies prevails in Burma, this is an example which Russian has to society watch carefully.

The Myitsone dam project lies unfinished in Kachin state, northern Burma, caught in a tug of war between the Burmese government and a powerful Chinese corporation. Although President Thein Sein has officially suspended …

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The International Rivers’ China Program and expert from Rivers without Boundaries Coalition (RwB) on March 20, 2014 met with China Three Gorges Corporation (CTGC) and discussed interaction with NGOs, standards for overseas investment and possible involvement of the CTGC in the Amur river basin.
All relevant departments of CTGC were represented in the meeting in Three Gorges Group Beijing office: Mr. Lin Chuxue – Mr.Lin Chuxue –Executive Vice president, Mr. Yang Hongbin, Deputy Director of Sci-technology & Environmental Protection, Mr.Qin Guobin -President of CYPI Co.(HK)-subsidiary company dealing with Amur, Mr. Yang …

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[14 Mar 2014 | Topics: ]

Today on the March 14, 2014 at public hearings in the town of Mogocha on Trans-Siberia Railroad local people endorsed an ambitious plan to develop a nature reserve on 330 000 hectares.This protected area is designed to safeguard the Upper flow of the Amur River and valleys of its two principal sources: Shilka River and Argun River.

Roe deer crossing Shilka river in the proposed nature reserve. Photo by Eugene Simonov

This is a symbolic origin of the Amur – the last great free-flowing river that empties from Eurasia into the Pacific …

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[12 Mar 2014 | Topics: ]

Apparently Boguchansky Hydro on Angara River that was completed with making such colossal debts that the electricity price regulation in Russia was changed  to allow owners (Rushydro and Rusal) to avoid financial catastrophe is not an exception but follows common rule. Large dams do not make sense in modern economic conditions.

Foto by Rushydro
“We find that even before accounting for negative impacts on human society and environment, the actual construction costs of large dams are too high to yield a positive return,” a new report states. “Large dams also …

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[3 Mar 2014 | Topics: ]

Russian Inter RAO State Company joins multintional group of “hydropowers” destroying natural riches and local livelihods in the Mekong River Basin.
According to Vientiane Times a Russian company will invest some US $850 million in the construction of the Xekong 5 Hydropower Project in Xekong province. A memorandum of understanding was signed in Vientiane on Wednesday between t he government and Russian company INTER RAO Engineering LLC, after being under study for the past 18 months. It is planned that construction will commence in 2016 and officials expect that it will …