Blasting started at Bureya Reservoir

Blasting started at Bureya Reservoir


First phase of blasting operation was carried out by military at Bureya Reservoir blocked by landslide  last December.

Sentinel Jan 21  This is the site viewed from space on January 21, the day before blasting.


blast 22012019

This is the first blast on January 22 that took 10 tons of explosives.


blast in showbiz

The operation attracted a lot of attention from the media.

Mitropolit krest

Head of local Russian Orthodox Church arrived to assist removal of the debris blocking the river.

Sentinel Jan 23

This is the landslide site on January 23, the day after the blasts…Please, compare with first image and find differences.

Military engineers say that developing  just one channel for excess water will take 9 days or more. 400+military personnel stationed at the site.