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[27 Apr 2016 | Topics: ]

Despite overwhelming evidence, that large dams are no solution to energy and climate and damage severely our environment, the WB top official stubbornly support suicidal course his institution is taking. He bluntly ignores the fact that by supporting large dams everywhere from Mongolia to Africa his institution is destroying most precious and scarce freshwater ecosystems that serve millions of people. Last evidence of this shortsighted position came from New York:

On April 6, World Bank President Jim Kim addressed the Union Theological Seminary in New York on “The Principle of …

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[16 Apr 2016 | Topics: ]

The Minister of natural resources of remote Buryatia Republic Mr. Yury Safyanov came to Moscow to seek response to extreme concerns voiced by local villagers living on Baikal lakeshore about Chinese dam building in upstream Mongolia.
People of Buryat villages gathered 60days ago in Kabansk and requested from WB, Mongolian and Chinese agencies not to approve and fund construction of any of three large dams planned in Baikal Lake Basin. They argue that dams may severely threaten biodiversity of unique  World Heritage Site and livelihoods of local …

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[12 Apr 2016 | Topics: ]

New bank plans to fund hydropower  without  public discussion on social and environmental protections
As government ministers from Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa gather in Washington, DC for the third board of governors meeting of the BRICS New Development Bank (NDB) April 13 and 14, civil society groups in BRICS countries appealed to their governments and NDB management to operate transparently and to work with civil society to develop adequate social and environmental standards.
In an April 4th letter to Bank officials, the groups stressed concern that the Bank is …