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Balkhash Lake, Central Asia Basins, Irtysh River »

[25 Feb 2014 | ]

China has a bad record when it comes to water cooperation. It was one of only three countries (along with Turkey and Burundi) to vote against the UN Watercourses Convention – the only global agreement on the use of international watercourses – when it was adopted in 1997. China controls the water flowing into neighbouring countries, as it is the upstream country for most of Asia’s major rivers. Yet China has not signed any comprehensive river treaty that regulates the distribution of water. It has also been reluctant to set …

Baikal Lake, Selenga River »

[6 Feb 2014 | Topics: ]

Rivers without Boundaries is thrilled to report that "Power for People" campaign we participate in has important new support from unexpected ally – the US Government!!!
Now we hope that the biggest WB donor will object to ill-concieved Mining Infrastructure Support Project(MINIS) in Mongolia that supports feasibility studies for several dams in Selenge River basin that threaten well-being of local people and ecosystem health of Selenge River and Lake Baikal. Giant Shuren Hydropower dam – an ancient idea of Soviet engineers to block the main stem of the Baikal’s main …