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[31 Jan 2012 | Topics: ]

Amur Socio-ecological Union reported that at 5.30 a.m. on Jan.31 in Amurskaya Province on Trans-Siberia Railroad at Bureya River crossing an oil-carrying train was derailed and 17 cisterns with oil tipped over.

Burining oil spill 500 meters from Bureya River. Photos by http://amur.info/
Volume of oil spill is 850 tons according to oilru.com. Oil ignited from electric wire and is burning ever since keeping at least 200 people busy fighting fire. Both tracks are damaged and train movement at Trans-Siberia Railroad is disrupted. No casualties reported as of 12 a.m.

Google-earth image …

Amur River, Angara River, Shilka River »

[29 Jan 2012 | Topics: ]

Extremely informative hearings “China’s Global Quest for Resources” were held on January 26, 2012 in the US Senate. Leading American and Indian experts delivered their testimony on China’s role in mineral extraction, hydropower, water consumption, energy use, and fisheries, but the hearings somehow omitted forestry and agriculture. We will limit our review to water issues.
Dr. Elizabeth Economy from Council on US Foreign Relations and Dr. Brahma Chellaney , Professor of Strategic Studies, New Delhi University in their testimony draw apocalyptic picture of Chinese ability to use transboundary waters as a …

Amur River, Featured »

[27 Jan 2012 | Topics: ]

A new policy on basin-wide strategic assessment of relations between hydropower and environment called “Provisional Measures for the Evaluation of River Hydropower Plans (RHPs) and Environmental Impact Statements (EISs)” (“????????????????????????”) was issued by National Reform and Development Commission (NRDC). Methodology is intended for use in “Important River” Hydropower Plans, which include large rivers, transboundary rivers and rivers along provincial borders(including state border). But relevant agencies are encouraged to use new policy on “non-important rivers” as well. The evaluation process should ensure objectivity, impartiality and scientific quality. EIA conclusion and …

Argun River, Selenga River »

[24 Jan 2012 | Topics: ]

Why The Economist is publicly discrediting green movement leaders and traditional way of life in Mongolia?
Editors of the transrivers.org were astonished by “Mine, all mine” article published by The Economist on Jan 21st 2012. It is not the first time we see this magazine publishing biased material to support expansion of huge corporations in Northeast Asia. In 2008 Russian NGOs once wrote a letter to the editor regarding shameless praise to state-owned “Russian Hydro”( Big blue July 2008), which has plans to dam almost all remaining free flowing rivers …

Amur Basin, Argun River, Selenga River, Yenisey Basin, Yenisey River »

[21 Jan 2012 | Topics: ]

Centerra Gold officials once boasted that they work on amendments that reduce effectiveness of the Law with Long Name that protects Mongolian rivers from mining impacts. Company’s rich web-site has documents clearly outlining its plans to make mining licenses exempt from the Law.
But Mother Nature does not forgive such shameless assaults and presently all mining and most exploration operations of the Centerra Gold in Mongolia are at odds with environmental regulations. (See previous mentioning of Centerra Gold by RwB)
Mid-January Centerra Gold Inc. announced that its 2011 consolidated gold production …

Amur Basin, Argun River »

[12 Jan 2012 | Topics: ]

Occupying the right bank of transboundary Argun River, Erguna municipality (Inner Mongolia,China) has vast land area with a population of only 85,000. Livestock raising, dairy and dairy processing, tourism, forestry, coal and construction materials make up the economic backbone of the area. Cross-border trade with Russia through 2 river crossings has expanded manifold in last 10 years.The area has been experiencing robust economic growth
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