Freedom to Irina Sukhy  – Prominent Environmental Activist Illegally Detained in Belarus!!!

Freedom to Irina Sukhy – Prominent Environmental Activist Illegally Detained in Belarus!!!

Belarusian security officials detained Irina Sukhi, an environmental activist who campaigned against a nuclear power plant built in Belarus near the border with Lithuania by Rosatom, a Russian state-owned company. The arrest was reported on Sunday by Ms. Sukhi’s daughter, Sophie Sadovskaya. She is a member of the council of environmental group Ecohome (EcoDom member of RADA) and Green Net (Zelena Setka) environmental movement. On behalf of Belarus environmental groups Ms. Sukhi took part in formation of Green Silk Road Initiative at 2016 conference in Moscow organized by the Rivers without Boundaries coalition. Environmental impacts from growing Chinese investments has been among many pressing issues addressed by EcoDom.

Ms. Sukhy was arrested on Sunday, September 6,  at home by people wearing masks. Several old computers were confiscated illegally and even a new modem.

The trial held on Sept 7 went sour since Ms.Sukhy was accused of organizing a public manifestation on September 3 at 18.00, while there is overwhelming evidence that she was 200 kilometers from Minsk in the countryside at that time. The judge, unabashed,  sent materials back to police department for “improvement”. Irina remained in custody and prospects of her release are unclear.

Irina Sukhy and her organization EkoDom is one of the leading critical voices on the #Astravetz #nuclear power plant built by Rosatom, so her arrest may be another awkward attempt by Lukashenko to please Russian authorities. Astravets is the largest new Russian investment in Belarus opposed by environmental movements and European countries.

Media report that authorities confirmed at least 190 protesters seized by authorities since Sunday.

We demand immediate release of Irina Sukhy and other illegally detained activists.

Eugene Simonov.

International coordinator

Rivers without Boundaries