Rivers of Siberia Proceedings Published

Rivers of Siberia Proceedings Published




The conference was attended by 100 representatives of public environmental organizations, scientific and educational institutions, governmental organizations, energy and hydraulic engineering companies and design organizations from 16 regions of Russia, international environmental organizations,the expert community and the public from China, Mongolia, USA, Australia, Central and South-East Asia, as well as head of the Environment Division of the UN European Economic Commission.

The main topics of the conference were:

? The scientific basis for biodiversity assessment and conservation

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of rivers and lakes, environmental monitoring of freshwater bodies.

? Biodiversity of rivers and lakes: assessment and conservation.

? The impact of hydrotechnical facilities and mineral extraction on freshwater ecosystems and strategic

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aspects of the operation of hydrotechnical facilities in river basins.

? Experience in the implementation of the basin approach in different regions of the world (the basin of the Aral Sea in Central Asia, Mekong River basin in South-East Asia, the Great American Lakes and the St. Lawrence River in North America).

? Opportunities for strategic environmental assessment for

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sustainable development and the international dialogue on water use in the Baikal-Angara-Yenisei basin, the basins of the Amur River, Ob` River, and Volga River.

? Initiative of local residents, municipal authorities and public organisations on protection of rivers and lakes, the development of ecotourism, environmental education and public awareness.

6 plenary reports, 51 reports and presentations in 8 sections were presented at the conference. 4 roundtables on the following topics were conducted:

1. The choice of environmental indicators for HPP construction projects in the Amur River basin.

2. Possibilities of ecotourism development as an alternative to resource-oriented development.

3. Discussion on strategic environmental assessment (SEA) of plans and development programs in river basins.

4. Joint actions for protection of the Selenga-Baikal, Angara, and Yenisei basins.


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