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Notices on cancellation of bids for feasibility studies and environmental assessments on two Baikal -Selenge basin dams were posted on MINIS Project web-site.  This finally signifies that practically ALL  rightful demands consistently voiced by the RwB have been finally honored:
–Consultations in Russia and Mongolia held at 35 locations and have shown that local people have wide spectrum of grave concerns related to proposed projects;
– Studies for individual dams immediately leading to formation of documents sufficient for investment and construction of dams have been cancelled;
– Short lists of eligible …

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[19 Nov 2015 | Topics: ]

Dear Friends:
Union of Mongolian River and Lake Movements (UMMRL) is delighted to share with you good news that Munkhbayar and Tumurbaatar were released on 6th November after the amendments to the Amnesty Law of Mongolia were finally approved. They spent in jail two years out of their original 21,5-year sentences.
Upon release Munkhbayar said to journalists: I still feel that I was falsely charged. I will make a clear statement to the public and media that I was falsely charged. I have a goal that is to lead my country …

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[9 May 2015 | Topics: ]

Irkutsk “Nerpanarium” (Baikal Seal Aquarium) offers a patriotic seal show. Trained Baikal Lake seals wear military berets, hold guns, flags while “marching” and performing mine clearance.
“The patriotic military show is open for admission year round. Among visitors we have had veterans and those who were involved in local conflicts. People were inspired and joyful after the show,” director Evgeny Baranov says. First show was performed on May7 to commemorate Victory Day.
Given his sentimental attachment to charismatic mammals the President of Russia would, probably, love to attend such a parade…

Source: Vesti …

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[29 Jan 2014 | Topics: ]

Earthworks urges You to tell Mongolian authorities to protect their environmental law!!!

Dear friend,
An environmental champion
In 2009, Mongolian activist and Goldman Environmental Prize winner Tsetsegee Munkhbayar successfully convinced Parliament to pass long overdue protection of Mongolia’s precious water resources from mining’s impacts.
The mining industry fights back
In response to Munkhbayar’s success, the mining industry is pressing the Mongolian Government to cancel the implementation of this law in exchange for increased gold production.
Sent to prison for 21 years for protecting the environment
Munkhbayar and 2 of his colleagues were arrested when protesting changes to …

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[14 Dec 2013 | Topics: ]

Russia and other members of IDA – stop funding large hydropower and other dirty energy mega-projects!
Invest in green energy and sustainable development of local communities!

On December 16-17, 2013 in Moscow the World Bank will gather governments to make their pledges to the 17th replenishment of International Development association – IDA. The IDA was founded to support poorest communities of the world, but now its energy portfolio is dominated not by decentralized local green energy sources but by multi-billion “transformational” projects of giant dams on large rivers of …

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[30 Nov 2013 | Topics: ]

Major offence on environmental movement launched in Russia by seizing Greenpeace ship Arctic Sunrise acquires yet another dimension – skillful provocations staged by police in cooperation with of big business.
On Novemeber 29 Police in Russia have detained two people formerly linked to an environmental protest movement for alleged extortion in a case activists say is a crude attempt to discredit their campaign.
Mikhail Bezmensky and Igor Zhitenyov stand accused of attempting to extort 15 million rubles ($450,000) from the Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company UMMC, police said Friday.The Interior …