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[28 Apr 2014 | Topics: ]

Goldman Environmental Prize winner Munkhbayar, who in January 2014 was sentenced to almost 22 years in jail, as well as four of his friends from the Gal Undesten Movement, won significant reductions in their sentences in the City Court of Ulan Baatar.  They were protecting the law prohibiting mining in sensitive areas from being abolished. See THE SHORT HISTORY OF THE LAW WITH LONG NAME. Goldman Environmental Prize winner of 2014 Suren Gazaryan believes  that  the Munkhbayar’s case demonstrates wider tendency of  increased persecution of environmental activists.

Picture from January …

Selenga River, Solidarity, Yenisey Basin »

[1 Apr 2014 | Topics: ]

In an article on “Water-Energy Nexus Reaches Crisis Level in Asia” Parameswaran Ponnudurai very clearly points to most disturbing tendencies in hydropower and thermal energy sectors both severely threatening water resources and freshwater ecosystems of Asia. However, unlike the author RwB doubts that traditional institutions like the World Bank are likely to design effective strategies to solve these problems, World Bank support to MINIS Project in Mongolia is one of examples of highly irresponsible behaviour that threatens globally important Lake Baikal by supporting dam planningon its main tributary –Selenge River. …