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[12 Mar 2013 | Topics: ]


To: Mr. Li Ruogu
President of China Export-Import Bank
Cc: Zhao Changhui, Chief Country Risk Analyst,
Li Fusheng, Deputy General Manager of Assessment Review
Subject: Controversial side-effects of Sino-Russian hydropower trade:
Social and Environmental Impacts of Trans-Sibirskaya
and Nizhne-Angarskaya Hydropower Projects
Date: 14.03.2013
Dear Mr. Li Ruogu,
Rivers without Boundaries is a coalition of NGOs dedicated to protecting transboundary rivers. Today, on the International Day of Action for Rivers and Against the Large Dams, we write to you to express our serious concern regarding China EXIM Bank’s support to En+ Group, that includes Eurosibenergo – a Russian energy …

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[4 Mar 2013 | Topics: ]

The third meeting of the core group of pilot projects on adaptation to climate change in transboundary basins under the UNECE Water Convention and the first meeting of the global network of pilot projects took place on February, 20-21 at the Palais des Nations in Geneva, Switzerland.

The Palais des Nations, Geneva
The meeting marked the transformation of the Programme into a global network of basins working on climate change adaptation. This endeavour, carried out in cooperation with the International Network of Basin Organizations (INBO), enables the comparison of methodologies and approaches, …

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[3 Mar 2013 | Topics: ]

On March 3 -4  in  many areas of European Russia south (Voronezh, Lipetsk, Volgograd regions, etc) citizens will be rallying and picketing to protest the government’s decision to go ahead
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