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Notices on cancellation of bids for feasibility studies and environmental assessments on two Baikal -Selenge basin dams were posted on MINIS Project web-site.  This finally signifies that practically ALL  rightful demands consistently voiced by the RwB have been finally honored:
–Consultations in Russia and Mongolia held at 35 locations and have shown that local people have wide spectrum of grave concerns related to proposed projects;
– Studies for individual dams immediately leading to formation of documents sufficient for investment and construction of dams have been cancelled;
– Short lists of eligible …

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At the 41 Session of the World Heritage Committee in Krakow, the RwB Coalition representatives had fruitful discussions with the delegation of the State of Kuwait and presented the following letter to  : H.E. Dr. Meshal Johar Hayat , Ambassador and Permanent Delegate, Permanent Delegation of the State of Kuwait to UNESCO:
RE: Kuwait-Mongolia Energy Cooperation and World Heritage Convention
Your Excellency:
The State of Kuwait is known as a true friend which seeks to develop long-term mutually beneficial relations with Mongolia. Kuwait’s assistance to development of most needed road network in …

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Anson Mackay, Professor of Environmental Change at UCL (UK), conducts research on detecting pollution in Lake Baikal and the Selenga River. His short article “Lake Baikal: incredible ecosystem threatened by Mongolian dam and pipeline” shows how new dam initiatives of Mongolia may drastically exacerbate already existing problems of unique Lake Baikal.

The Baikal seal is found nowhere else on Earth. Sergey Gabdurakhmanov, CC BY
Mongolia is hoping a massive dam on its largest river could provide much needed power and water for the country’s booming mining industry. However environmental groups are concerned …


[12 Dec 2012 | ]

More and more citizen groups, experts, businessmen and other individuals are concerned with a plan to build Shuren Hydro on Selenge River declared by Mongolian Government.

Most people are concerned with environmental damage and consequences for biodiversity, but others are worried about local people and their culture, and some about economic losses for local enterprises. Those people requested from Rivers without Boundaries a map of propose reservoir in order to look whose lands, pastures, fields, buildings and other property will be submerged by the reservoir.
To fulfill this request RwB …

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[12 Dec 2012 | Topics: ]

The Bretton Woods Project published a review that explains that new World Bank report warns about the impacts of climate change, but concerns have been raised about its own track record. While the Bank has increased its renewable energy share, its continued funding of fossil fuels and focus on large scale dams remain controversial. Shuren Hydro in the Lake Baikal basin opens the list of current problems:
Bank’s energy share includes large scale dams. In late September, the Sosnovka Coalition of Environmental and Indigenous Peoples NGOs of Siberia and Far East, …

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[5 Nov 2012 | Topics: ]

Selenge River at Shuren site. Photo by RwB
Soon after RwB envoys handed over the appeal from the Sosnovka Coalition on Shuren Hydro in Mongolia to one of the World Bank vice-presidents, we got a very polite but not extremely
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