A Second Call from the “Rivers of Siberia” International Conference

A Second Call from the “Rivers of Siberia” International Conference


The 9th International Conference

“the Rivers of Siberia and the Far East”

Irkutsk, Russia

November, 10-11, 2015

The Second Announcement

The 9-th International Conference “The Rivers of Siberia and the Far East” will be held on November, 10-11, 2015 in Irkutsk City, Russia near Lake Baikal.

The Conference is dedicated to river conservation issues in Siberia and the Russian Far East as well as other regions, sharing domestic and international experience.

We invite you and your colleagues to participate in this conference.

Please notify us of your participation via e-mail before July 31, 2015.

Please complete and send the attached application form to main address riverconference@gmail.com,

and copy to secondary address coalition@riverswithoutboundares.org.


§ Civil society representatives from throughout Russia, Europe and Asia as well as from other continents,

§ Government and municipality representatives

§ Scientific community and research institution representatives

§ Organizations that control and manage water use

§ Water managers and users

§ Journalists

The conference addressed the following issues:

River and lake biodiversity and conservation issues

Public participation in water management and river conservation

Use of Transboundary Waters in Selenge-Baikal-Yenisei Basin, Amur-Heilong Basin, other transboundary rivers of Asia.

Strategic Environmental Assessment as a tool for sustainable development and conflict prevention in river basins;

Waste management and aquatic ecosystem conservation;

Energy development and management of sustainable development in river basin in the light of major trans-Eurasian integration initiatives: Silk Belt, Steppe Road, Eurasian Union, etc.;

Legal regulations and international conventions in water resources management

Technology development for efficient use of water and protection of water bodies

Balancing interests of water users to protect environmental values of river basins

Conference Formats

· Keynote presentations, symposia sessions and round table discussions.

· It is planned to prepare public appeal and resolution on the current situation of Siberian rivers as well as develop an action plan for eco NGO aiming at river ecosystems preservation. Conference participants may send suggestions for conference letters and resolutions prior to the start of the conference.

Organizational Information

§ Official language: Russian (with translation into English)

§ Deadline for submitting applications – July 31, 2015

§ Short papers for publication in the conference compendium to be submitted before August 25, 2015

§ Personal invitations and Announcement No. 2 will be sent out before August 30 , 2015

§ On the 10th of November the conference will be held at the conference hall of the V.B. Sochava Institute of Geography SB RAS (Irkutsk), on the 11th of November – in the hotel “Kosmos” (Baikalsk).

Contact information:

Main address – Marina Rikhvanova , Baikal Environmental Wave


Secondary address –coalition@riverswithoutboundares.org

§ Copy letters to: Eugene Simonov Rivers without Boundaries Coalition


Conference Compendium

The organizers will publish a compendium of the conference. Articles should be no more than four А4 pages long, including graphics, tables, and bibliography, (should follow Form No. 2 formatting as outlined below). Articles must be received by August 25, 2015.

Proceedings from previous Conferences see downloadable links:

2012 http://wwf.ru/resources/publ/book/eng/710

Correspondence with the author will be primarily via e-mail. Please provide a primary and secondary e-mail address to avoid missing messages.

Formatting rules

Report title (Times New Roman, bold, Center, 12pt font)

A.B. Ivanov1, R.I. Sibirev2 (Times New Roman, normal, Center, 12)

1Siberian Environmental Agency, Russia, greentomsk@gmail.com

2Tomsk Polytechnic University, Tomsk, Russia, xyzl_2011@tpu.ru

Materials should not exceed four A4-sized pages, including images, graphs, and bibliography. Electronic files will be accepted via email as an attached Word file (versions up to and including 2003), with the first author’s last name as the title.

The text should be in MSWord for Windows format, 12pt. Times New Roman font, single-spaced, justified, wrapped text, indent 1 cm, 2.5 cm margins. Extra spaces are not permitted.

Tables and graphs should be on separate pages, with titles.

Images should be in black and white and in standard formats .cdr, .jpg, .eps, .tiff, .bmp and attached as separate files with by-lines. References to images and tables should be in parentheses (Picture 1), (Table 1); literary references should be in square brackets [1]. Image by-lines should be in 12pt. Times New Roman font, underneath the image.

The bibliography should be in alphabetical order in italicized 10pt. Times New Roman font, and separated from the main by of the text by skipping a line.

The following MUST be provided in English: report title, authors’ last names, organization, and brief annotation.


1. Ivanov, A.I., Koptyugov, P.A. Sustainable Water Use …….etc.

2. Lisitsyn, I.S., Petryak, V.V. Spill Response … etc.

The 9th International Conference

“the Rivers of Siberia and the Far East”

Irkutsk, Russia

November, 10-11, 2015


Name (last, first, M.I.): _________________________________________________________

Country: __________________________________________________________________

Organization: ______________________________________________________________

Title: _____________________________________________________________________

Address: __________________________________________________________________

Phone: ___________________________________________________________________

E-mail: (main and secondary)___________________________________________________


Participation: presenting ………..not presenting

Presentation Title in Russian/English:___________________________________________


Presentation summary (abstract) in 4-6 sentences:

Travel expenses both ways (filled out only by NGO representative if they need reimbursement of travel expenses. Please choose the most economical way) _______________ rubles.

(The decision about financing will be made by the organization committee after the submission and review of your presentation before August 30, 2015. )

Please submit this application by July 31, 2015.