Energy of suspended hydropower project marketed to China

Energy of suspended hydropower project marketed to China

At Boao Forum for Asia 2012 Annual Conference EN + CEO Artem Volynets reported: China and Russia could jointly develop hydropower to reduce dependence on coal.

Artem Volynets said, China’s generation is 70% dependent on coal, so in the future foreseeable future, coal is still a very important source of energy in China, especially in power generation and which is on planning issues related to coal, coal technology applications. The northern border of Russia and China, there are some energy sources, in particular, our Siberian hydropower development prospects are very bright, so we believe that in this respect between China and Russia that there will be a lot of cooperation on clean hydropower from Russia exported to northern China to replace part of the Chinese coal-fired power generation to reduce China’s reliance on coal…

So while “suspending” Trans-Siberian Hydro EN+ continues marketing its energy to Chinese audience….

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