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[8 Jan 2012 | Topics: ]

Here we present list of hydropower-related materials published on RwB web-sites in 2011

Basin-wide impact assessment of hydropower development –
Methodology suggested to the 6th World Water Forum as RwB’s contribution to

Target 2.3.4 ‘Evaluation framework for energy impacts on water’.

Appeal to HKEx on EuroSibEnergo plans to seek investors for the construction of large-scale hydroelectric power stations in Siberia –
Russian NGO appeal presented to financing institutions in early 2011.

Also see in South China Morning Post Mar 14, 2011, “Green groups oppose Deripaska firm’s listing” by Eric Ng and Toh Han Shih

Sino-Russian Hydropower in …

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[17 Jun 2011 | Topics: ]

China and Russia signed a power
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[21 Mar 2011 | Topics: ]

Every year on March 14th we’re reminded of the power of our movement for rivers and rights when thousands of voices are raised together in support of free-flowing rivers.
Last year on this day Russian environmentalists addressed investors and HK stock exchange to warn on risks of investing into joint ventures of En+ and Yangtze Power Co. As a result IPO of Russian hydropower firm was cancelled. See Appeal to HKEx on EuroSibEnergo plans to seek investors for the construction
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