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[19 Nov 2015 | Topics: ]

Dear Friends:
Union of Mongolian River and Lake Movements (UMMRL) is delighted to share with you good news that Munkhbayar and Tumurbaatar were released on 6th November after the amendments to the Amnesty Law of Mongolia were finally approved. They spent in jail two years out of their original 21,5-year sentences.
Upon release Munkhbayar said to journalists: I still feel that I was falsely charged. I will make a clear statement to the public and media that I was falsely charged. I have a goal that is to lead my country …

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[19 Nov 2015 | Topics: ]

Seventh session of the Meeting of the Parties to the Water Convention is being held in Budapest on 17 – 19 November 2015. Convention is opening for accession by countries from outside of UNECE region. On the first day meeting participants discussed what are main objectives and geographic priorities for the expansion. Eugene Simonov representing the Rivers without Boundaries Coalition made the following intervention on acute need to expand the use of Convention’s mechanisms in the context of Silk Belt and other Eurasian development initiatives:
Since the last Meeting of Parties …

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[12 Nov 2015 | Topics: ]

Bryce Stewart, marine biologist, published in “The Ecologist” his impressions from a field trip to the “Sacred Sea” this summer.  We republish it in abridged version.

When you mention Siberia to most people they think of snow, ice and extreme cold – a remote place people were exiled to in the past as a punishment. Maybe they might mention a Siberian husky if they are au fait with the canine world.
But we experienced a beautiful natural landscape, inhabited by incredibly friendly people, and glorious summer weather that compelled us to …