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[8 Jan 2012 | Topics: ]

Here we present list of hydropower-related materials published on RwB web-sites in 2011

Basin-wide impact assessment of hydropower development –
Methodology suggested to the 6th World Water Forum as RwB’s contribution to

Target 2.3.4 ‘Evaluation framework for energy impacts on water’.

Appeal to HKEx on EuroSibEnergo plans to seek investors for the construction of large-scale hydroelectric power stations in Siberia –
Russian NGO appeal presented to financing institutions in early 2011.

Also see in South China Morning Post Mar 14, 2011, “Green groups oppose Deripaska firm’s listing” by Eric Ng and Toh Han Shih

Sino-Russian Hydropower in …

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[8 Jan 2012 | Topics: ]

At the 5th International Conference “Earth from space – most effective solutions”, in December 2011, Moscow State University (MSU) hydrologists presented the results of research on expected consequences of water infrastructure projects in the basin of the transboundary Argun River. The scientists came to the conclusion that if all planned water management projects in Chinese part of the Argun River flow are implemented, the floodplain area in the river valley will decrease by half.
Experts from Land Hydrology Department at the MSU geographic faculty have been carrying the investigation …

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[8 Jan 2012 | Topics: ]

New Bureisky Hydro has no provision for environmental flows
In December 2011 in Khabarovsk several members of RwB Coalition participated in technical review of new Operational Rules for Zeysky Hydro Reservoir . Despite concerns voiced by NGOs and experts since 2008and supported by provincial agencies no provision was made to provide environmental flow release below Zeysky Dam to ensure flooding necessary for fish spawning and sustaining of floodplain ecosystem on Zeya and Amur rivers. There is strong evidence that even habitat of rarest birds Oriental White Stork and Japanese Crane has …

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[5 Jan 2012 | Topics: ]

Palace of Nations in Geneva
Very successful international Conference “Europe-Asia transboundary water cooperation” was held in mid December in rainy Geneva at the Palace of Nations. More than 80 high-level representatives from 25 Asian and European States gathered in Geneva to discuss cooperation on the management and protection of transboundary waters along the borders of the two continents. Conference provided venue for fruitful discussions among representatives from Afghanistan, the Islamic Republic of Iran, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, the Republic of Korea, the Russian
Really: would this …