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[31 Dec 2016 | Topics: ]

An Overview

At the end 2016 the news from our sub-continent, North Eurasia, news are bittersweet but quite hopeful:
1. Mongolia-Russia-China: Chinas agencies and Exim Bank in early April 2016 have frozen a loan and preparatory construction works for 315 MW Eg River Hydro in Lake Baikal Basin in Mongolia (IR dealt with that dam in 2006) after multiple addresses from NGOs, local citizens, World Heritage Committee, etc. China considers Mongolia  as a future source of clean energy and  so far this is focused on solar and wind , not hydropower.
2. Mongolia-Russia: …

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[10 Apr 2012 | Topics: ]

After Kamchatka Province Governor Mr.Ilukhin visited ROK last week and once again amazed environmental community which  is extremely irritated with his consistent desire to destroy Kronotsky Zapovednik (Strict Scientific Nature reserve), which was declared a World Heritage Site for its unique flora and fauna and famous geysers that rival those of Yellowstone. He wants to build a cascade of hydropower plants on pristine Kronotskaya River and develop extensive tourist infrastructure and a fish farm in the Kronotskoye Lake. According to official reports now he has backing from some Korean investors. …