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Amur Basin, Yenisey Basin »

[15 Mar 2012 | Topics: ]

In Davos, Artem Volynets CEO of En+ talked to Caixin Journal on Sino-Russian hydropower and other issues.
Caixin:China is one of the biggest consumers of resources and energies. We have always this question, how can China secure all its resources needed when many incidents are happening all around the world right now?
The key is China is rich in some resources, and some other resources, has to import. And the key sourcing area for China is South Africa, Australia, South America and Russia. But Russia is not prominent yet in the major …

Amur Basin, Shilka River »

[13 Mar 2012 | Topics: ]

The Rivers without Boundaries Coalition is happy to announce that tomorrow on Day of Action against Large Dams a “ Week to stop Trans-Sibirskaya Hydro” starts in five provinces of Russia located in Amur River Basin—largest still free-flowing transboundary river of East Asia. “EuroSibEnergo”, the largest independent power producer in Russia, and China Yangtze Power Co. (”CYPC”), the largest Chinese listed hydroelectricity producer, prepare for joint investment into power plant construction projects in Eastern Siberia. Trans-Sibirskaya Hydro on Shilka river –the source of mighty Amur River with 450 kilometer …

Ob Basin »

[3 Mar 2012 | Topics: ]

Chuya River  is one of sources of mighty Ob River, that starts in Altay Mountains near Russian border with China and Mongolia. Recently this river was sentenced to death by “Rushydro” Co. that plans to build here the first “small hydro” in Altay Mountains.  Given that this project was perceived as alternative to much bigger and dangerous Altaisky hydropower plant on Katun River, little criticism was voiced by environmental groups.  However, recently Russian rafters started campaign to protect scenic river. Here we publish their appeal to the President Medvedev, which …